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Misa, STRIDE co-founder, believes that anyone in the room can be a runner. Running has changed her perception of who she can be, and what she’s capable of. She is an RRCA-certified running coach and puts her heart into choosing music that will motivate and inspire. “I used to see the word ‘Impossible.’ Now I see ‘I’m Possible.’ Running has changed the way I look at myself and all that I am capable of accomplishing in my life. My goal is to inspire that same change in you. I try to create a relaxed and supportive environment in my classes. I never want anyone to feel unsure, overwhelmed, or intimidated. I want you to leave my class feeling you have given more of yourself than you imagined possible – and have a ton of fun doing it!” Known for her killer playlists. In her class, you’re likely to hear artists as diverse as ABBA to Jay-Z and everything in between.