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Dollar began studying martial arts at age 7. He has competed in many mixed martial arts competitions and has over 500 trophies. “I do like kicking and punching the bags often.” Along with his interest in martial arts, Dollar also developed a love for Dance. “I love fitness and I feel like it’s a great therapy for people no matter what they are feeling or what is going on in their life. I like that I can help motivate and inspire people to achieve their goals. It makes me happy.” Aside from coaching at STRIDE, he loves Cycling. “They both offer great HIIT cardio workouts, but in different ways.” He has been teaching spin In his free time, Dollar likes to sleep! He loves being outdoors hiking, snowboarding, exploring new places with his dog, and loves a good brunch! You will find Dollar starting this Thursday evening 4, 5:30, & 7pm and Tuesday mornings at 5:30 and 7am