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Meet Becky Walley, our newest STRIDE coach! Born in Huntington Beach and raised in Altadena, Becky and her husband Bryan met at USC and have been together for over 20 years. Becky has always been active, and fitness has always been important to her. She played volleyball, softball, was on the diving team, and played and coached soccer. “I don't travel anywhere unless there is a gym or trail nearby. So being a fitness coach is an extension of how much I value exercise and being healthy.” “I was hooked once I started taking classes at STRIDE. I loved running on those Woodway’s and STRIDE classes were my favorite. But my current favorite class to coach and take is definitely the Combo Class; it is the perfect combination of running and strength. I love the supportive nature of the classes at STRIDE, as they push me physically and everyone encourages everyone else to do their best, too. STRIDE is a community more than anything. Also, the coaches are fantastic. They do such an amazing job encouraging and supporting their clients. And those playlists are incredible!” When Becky isn’t taking or coaching classes at STRIDE, she enjoys hanging with her kids, family and friends, and traveling. She plays golf (not very well) and skis with her family. Her latest activity is Pickle Ball! She goes to as many concerts as possible, and listens to country music…on repeat! Look for Becky on the schedule starting next week Tuesday evenings 5:30 and 7pm.