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        STRIDE Fitness Certified Coaches are more than trainers & fitness professionals; they are motivators, supporters, and industry leaders. Through the STRIDE Fitness Certified Program, all coaches learn how to dynamically lead our class formats, practice safety, and form correction, and empower all clients to cross their individual finish lines utilizing our unique leveling system.

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        At STRIDE Fitness, we want to improve every runner’s personal journey. We utilize in-studio heart rate monitors to track client heart rate, calorie burn, and intensity. The data from these monitors is showcased on our studio leaderboards and delivered to clients as part of their post-class data on the STRIDE Fitness Fitness app.

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        Every STRIDE Fitness studio is proud to utilize Woodway 4-Front Treadmills. These state-of-the-art machines are designed to mimic the feel of running outdoors and to provide the user with a dynamic, low-impact workout. Woodway Treadmills are specifically requested by professional sports teams and rehabilitation facilities globally because of their patented design, delivering a unique, premium experience to our clients.

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      STRIDE Fitness is a heart-rate based total body HIIT workout accessible for all. Combining interval training, endurance-based training and strength training in a unique program format designed for both walkers and runners.
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