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Embedded in Coach Kandace’s life is a deep love of running, teaching yoga, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. Kandace has always been attracted to sports as she was an avid athlete during her youth and high school days. Upon starting her elementary school teaching career, Kandace slowly began incorporating distance running into her daily routine. She has found that running has brought both a sense of calm and strength. Her experiences training and completing four marathons, ten half marathons, and countless short distance races have prepared her for many of life’s challenges and opportunities. Kandace’s goal as a coach is to guide, support, and push members to live their best life and equip them with the same sense of confidence and strength. Kandace lives by the motto, “Small steps over time equal big results, 1% better each day at whatever goal/s you are working on.” When not teaching at STRIDE, Kandace teaches yoga, teaching 1st grade, and hanging out with her family and her dog. STRIDERS - GET ready to WORK and REACH your GOALS!